News in June 2019

We like to inform you about some general subjects and/or changes. This also will be a monthly returning topic.

  • Test tooling: we’ve noticed that some of the old URL’s still existed. From now on, all of the URL’s are redirecting to
  • Receivers in the SMP of Galaxy Gateway, now can be found in the PEPPOL Directory. The user interface also has been updated. The main change is that when editing a participant, you’re now able to create one or multiple business cards for each participant. Sidenote: only explicable if you have an SMP user account. See the PEPPOL Directory instructions for more information about this topic.
  • OIN numbers and SMP registrations: for the new document formats (SI-UBL 2.0 and PEPPOL BIS v3), the OIN scheme identifier has changed from 9954 to 0190. Until recently, however, the PEPPOL SML would refuse the new code. This issue has been resolved with PEPPOL, and we recommend all participants that manage OIN data on an SMP, to verify that the new documents are registered with a 0190 identifier and update or republish the registrations if necessary.